Vizit's Interior Design AI: Realizing Dreams with Simple Prompts

By Vizit Team
Jan 15th, 2024
Discover how's ArchViz AI is revolutionizing the real estate, architecture, and design industries with its cutting-edge, AI-driven 3D modeling technology. Learn about our platform's ability to transform floor plans into stunning 3D renders and virtual tours in minutes, offering customizable, efficient solutions for professionals. Join the future of architectural visualization with!

In 2023, Generative AI changed entire industries almost overnight. Tasks in graphic design and copywriting, traditionally requiring extensive manpower and time, experienced dramatic efficiency improvements. This technological leap enabled small teams to accomplish in hours what previously demanded weeks of effort by much larger teams. But that was only the beginning. 


We are proud to unveil the next generation of generative models, the 3D AI. 


Our solution addresses specific, industry-tailored challenges, offering a glimpse into a future where intricate 3D renders and virtual tours are created with unprecedented speed and ease. This marks not just a continuation, but an evolution of the AI revolution, specifically tailored to meet the intricate demands of the real estate, architectural, and design industries.


The Problem: Slow and Steady (and Expensive) Design Work


Traditionally, the creation of 3D renders and virtual tours from is a meticulous process. It starts with the floor plan, which serves as the blueprint. 3D artists then painstakingly craft each element, from room layouts to textures and lighting, to create a realistic and appealing representation of the proposed space. This process, while effective, is time-consuming and often requires multiple revisions to align with the marketing team's vision.


The Solution: AI-Driven 3D Modeling


Current Image Diffusion Models predominantly focus on 2D imagery and generate high-quality images by gradually refining random noise into structured visuals through a series of learned transformations. In short, they make beautiful images that are similar to other images that the model has been trained on, but their results are not reproducible and often fail to follow essential architectural principles.


During the last 2 years, our team at has been working on a different approach. Our AI stack generates a 3D-modeled environment according to sound architectural and design rules. This results in repeatable, reproducible, and scalable output that can be confidently used in production environments.


The Result: Instant Architectural Visualization


Working with the 3D AI is exceedingly simple. All a marketing manager needs to do is upload the project’s floor plans to the platform, input a design prompt, and wait a few minutes. Our 3D AI analyzes the plans, constructs the 3D framework, and applies the desired design. 


The AI platform outputs a 3D virtual tour (3D walkthrough) with dozens of viewpoints per tour, each consistent with the other images produced from the 3D model. This significantly reduces the time from conception to completion, ensuring that intricate 3D models and virtual tours are more accessible and quicker to produce.



A New Era: AI-Driven Customization


The next step in this journey is even more groundbreaking. Imagine a scenario where real estate marketing teams can directly and accurately influence the outcome of generative 3D processes, making small and precise adjustments with each iteration. With the new AI-driven solution by, this is rapidly becoming a reality.


After the initial 3D model generation, users can modify these scenes through simple text prompts. This means that specific needs and preferences, which once required lengthy back-and-forth communication with 3D artists, can now be addressed instantly and effortlessly. And that’s where the real transformation begins, when anybody can get professional-quality architectural results from a system they can trust. With, any homeowner can become an interior designer, limited only by their imagination.


The Next Steps: Closed Beta Testing and Upcoming Release


At, we’re not happy with the architectural equivalent of six-fingered hands. To make sure that no cracks appear in the foundation of our 3D AI, we’re looking for beta users to stress test the system in a close beta trial.


If you’re a marketing manager in real estate, architect, or interior designer and want to expand your toolkit and stay at the forefront of technology, we’re looking for you.


Register for the beta HERE, and we’ll send you an invitation when spots become available.


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