Two Great Tools for Selling New Construction Real Estate

By Vizit Team
Feb 23rd, 2023
These two tools can save you lots of time when selling off-plans real estate and help convert more prospects to buyers.

Anyone in real estate sales can tell you that the one thing they don’t have enough of is time. This is especially true when you’re selling new construction and off-plan property. 


All real estate marketing and sales agents need to chase down prospects, follow up on leads, spend hours convincing people who end up going with a different seller. But when it comes to marketing new construction, you have additional challenges. 


Your first hurdle in new home marketing is helping your buyers understand what they’re buying. As real estate professionals, we all know how to imagine what a home will look like from a single glance at the floor plans. The problem is, 90% of people don’t understand floor plans at all.


And if you often find yourself having to explain floor plans over and over again, you may be feeling a familiar frustration rising just reading about it. 


Luckily, there are ways to make selling preconstruction easier. With just two tools, you can reduce your workload by half. It’s only a matter of using them right.


Conversational AI Can Handle Clients For You


You’ve heard of ChatGPT. You’ve probably tried it yourself and were impressed like us. Maybe you’ve thought about how great it would be if you could have this AI take some of the load off your shoulders. 


Well, you can. Conversational AI probably won’t take over your phone calls any time soon (computer generated voices just sound too weird), but it can handle a lot of your written communication with ease. 


Yes, I’m talking about chatbots, but not only. Conversational AI has made great strides in recent years. Yes, you can use a chatbot to handle simple queries on your website or via email. But you can also let it shine and make recommendations to your customers. All you need to do is provide it with enough customer data and you can make your life a lot easier.


3D Virtual Tours – Next Generation Real Estate Visualization


If you’ve ever spent a few hours trying to explain floor plans, then you’ve definitely spent a lot of time thinking about how to visualize real estate. 


You know that the tried and tested solution just doesn’t cut it. Yes, floor plans are simpler than architectural plans. In theory, everybody should be able to understand them quickly. But the truth is, unless you spend a lot of time looking at them, you’re going to struggle at first glance.


Even the colored, 3d floor plans can be confusing to many people. And even if they understand what goes where, they may still struggle to imagine themselves inside the finished space. That hardly makes for an easy sale. 


Your next bet is to get your property modeled and rendered by a professional studio. The results are often stunning (and they help convince some prospects), but they’re not actually that useful.


3D renders only show a small slice of the property you’re selling. And when you think about 3D rendering prices, it can hardly seem worth it in the long run.


What you really need is to help your buyers feel at home at first glance. You need something interactive that can show them every room in exquisite detail, where they can walk around by themselves and look in depth at everything they want. What you need are 3D house tours.


3D virtual tours for real estate have proven their worth in the last few years. Nowadays, more than half of all properties are listed with a 3D tour, and 89% of buyers find them useful. But so far, virtual tours have been available mostly for existing property. Until


With, you can quickly and easily generate a 3D virtual tour for your future-built property straight from floor plans for the price of a single 3d rendered image. 


You can try a tour here and have the results speak for themselves.

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