Last Chance For Early Access & MAJOR Update to Interior Design AI

By Vizit Team
Mar 13th, 2024/Updated at: Mar 14th, 2024
Discover the future of architectural visualization with's revolutionary Generative AI tool. Transform reference images into stunning 3D environments with ease, streamlining design processes for architects and 3D designers. Don't miss out—experience unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and creativity. Join the beta now!


A few weeks ago, we unveiled our cutting-edge Generative AI solution, designed specifically for architects, interior designers, and 3d rendering artists. 


Today, we're thrilled to share a significant update on our progress: the AI solution can now work with reference images, enabling you to recreate your design of choice as a 3D environment, and to generate an immersive tour with ease.


While we’re still ironing out the last glitches, it’s already working even better than we expected. At launch, it should be simple enough that a monkey can use it to make a passable interior design with only a floor plan and a reference photo.





Speaking of the beta, we’re almost ready to launch the closed beta trial, having made remarkable progress in development. We’re still looking for a few final testers before we stop registration.


Grab your spot here.


Let’s Recap: The Problem and the Solution


The challenge of 3D design will sound painfully familiar: it's a time-consuming and tedious process that can often be more painstaking than creative. 



Our solution? A generative AI tool tailored for architectural visualization (archviz) that drastically reduces the time and effort required to turn design visions into fantastic renders.



The Update: Use Reference Images to Generate 3D Scenes 


We’re incredibly excited about the progress in our AI tool. It can now generate 3D scenes based on reference images. This means you can upload images from any source:


  • Photos from Pinterest, design magazines, or various catalogs,


  • Your own creations, made in 3ds Max, SketchUp, Photoshop, or even drawn by hand (not recommended at this stage),


  • Concepts imagined with other generative AI tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, or Stable Diffusion.



Once you upload the floor plan, our AI takes over by creating a 3D model based on this plan.


It then populates the model with procedurally manipulated 3D objects, such as furniture, from our library to resemble the source image as closely as possible. All objects are adjusted during this process to closely resemble the furnishings in the source image provided by the user.


The culmination of this process is a scene rendered in the final form, available in high-definition formats: 4K stills or 8K 360 images.



How it Works: Making 3D Objects On the Fly


The true innovation behind our generative AI solution lies in its ability to transform ordinary reference images into detailed, lifelike 3D environments. This process may seem like magic, but it’s rooted in a cutting-edge approach to 3D modeling with AI.


Here’s a closer look at how our tool manipulates 3D objects on the fly:


1. Analyzing the Reference Picture


The first step in this process is a comprehensive analysis of the reference picture. The AI meticulously examines the image to extract the general design principles of the room, color palette, and the materials used.


This information lets the AI engine know whether it's dealing with a modern, minimalist space in subdued pastels, or a crowded Gothic room in loud colors.


2. Understanding Individual Items


Following the initial analysis, the AI delves deeper into each item visible in the reference image. This involves an analysis of object geometry, colors, and materials used.


3. Creating the 3D Model in Real Time


With a comprehensive understanding of the design principles, color palette, materials, and individual item characteristics, the AI proceeds to create the 3D model based on our collection of procedural stock objects. For each piece of furnishing or decoration, the system locates a close-match in our expansive catalog.


The AI then performs procedural manipulations to each characteristic of the item, ensuring the output is as similar as possible to the reference image.


This includes:


  • Structural Adjustments: Adding or subtracting elements like legs as needed, changing shapes (e.g., transforming a square table into a round one), or resizing (extending a two-seater sofa into a three-seater),


  • Material and Color Application: The system applies the identified materials and adjusts the colors to match those of the source image as closely as possible. 


Benefits for Architects and 3D Designers


The advent of our generative AI tool brings a plethora of benefits for professionals in the field:


  • Efficiency: Significantly reduce the time spent on creating and revising 3D designs.


  • Innovation: Our AI introduces a novel approach to scene creation, enabling designers to explore new creative avenues without the technical heavy lifting.


  • Simplification of Repetitive Tasks: Automate the tedious aspects of scene-building, allowing designers to focus on the creative aspects of their projects.


  • Accessibility: By simplifying the design process, our tool makes high-quality 3D design accessible to non-technical users and clients. This opens up a new avenue for client involvement in the design process, potentially speeding up project completion times.


  • Cost Reduction: Streamlining the design process results in lower project costs, benefiting both designers and their clients.


Demonstration and Beta Sign-Up


We understand that seeing is believing. That's why we invite you to check out the demonstration below, showcasing the capabilities and output quality of our generative AI tool. Witness firsthand how it can transform the way you approach architectural visualization.


Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to experience the future of archviz. Sign up for the beta release of our generative AI tool and step into a new era of design efficiency, innovation, and creativity. Together, l  et's reshape the landscape of architectural and interior design.

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