54% Would Buy A Home Based On Only A 3D Tour

By Vizit Team
Mar 2nd, 2023
A majority of buyers would make an offer based on a 3D tour alone.

The results are in: most homebuyers trust virtual tours, 50% would buy based on a virtual tour.


A recent consumer survey shows without a doubt that a majority of homeowners find 3D virtual tours very useful for getting a feeling for a property they’re considering.


The survey, released by real estate tech giant Zillow, dives deep into the characteristics and preferences of the average American homebuyer, and the results should have a significant impact on anyone selling real estate.


Buyers Expect 3D House Tours 


3D virtual tours for real estate have been around for a few years, but it was really during the peak of the pandemic that they rose to prominence. Unlike other tech trends from the time, 3D tours have continued to gain popularity with both sellers and buyers.


Two thirds of buyers say that 3D tours give them a better feel for the space than static photos or video walkthroughs, and 61% wished that more real estate listings had 3D tours included. These numbers have remained stable since achieving this plateau at the beginning of the pandemic.


1-in-3 Prefer 3D Tours Over In-person Viewings


Another figure that has seen significant growth from pre-Covid surveys is the number of prospective buyers who prefer inspecting a potential property via 3D virtual home tours over in-person viewings.


In fact, a third (32%) of all buyers prefer remote 3D tours viewings over physical tours of a property.


These figures tie in well with the proportion of buyers confident enough to make an offer after only a 3D tour.


Half of Buyers Would Make an Offer After 3D Tour Only


As testament to how far 3D tour technology has come, more than half (54%) of buyers say that they would make an offer on a property they’ve only seen remotely via a virtual tour. 


As such, 3D tours once again prove that they are among the best tech tools for real estate agents and anyone else selling property. In fact, we believe that virtual tours should play a significant role in any real estate marketing strategy, as the results of this survey show.


3D Tours for New Home Marketing


As this survey shows, virtual 3D tours are one of the best tools for real estate agents. But so far, they’ve been available only for existing properties. For future-builds and new projects, developers and agents still need to turn to architectural visualization companies.


Real estate visualization has come a long way since digital technologies have come into our lives, but most 3D visualization companies still produce static 2D images and video walkthroughs. 


These solutions are out of date. Most consumers are oversaturated with 2D images and find them boring. As a result, they offer none of the marketing benefits of 3D tours discussed in this article. 


As we can see, any real estate marketing strategy worth its salt needs to consider 3D tours as vital for attracting and converting prospective buyers. And luckily, with Vizit.co, anybody can produce beautiful 3d house tours straight from floor plans. You can check out a tour here and judge the results for yourself.

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